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                HOT SALE PRODUCTS
                  Windirect Stage Lighting, China stage lighting famous brand!
                  Set a new standard for high-end lighting systems
                  Lighting system engineering best choice:
                  16 years
                  of integrated
                  entertainment lighting
                  system industry experience.
                  integrated technical
                  capacity first-class
                  Free to
                  provide customers
                  with stage lighting
                  system engineering
                  We adhere to the sincere conviction and customer retreat,
                  we intentions of excellence, the pursuit of a greater win-win! Let us work together to embrace a better tomorrow!
                  Continuous innovation, Striving for perfection
                  NEWS CENTER
                  Customer-centric, service without starting point,
                  no end of satisfaction, good service to customers, to achieve a win-win situation.
                  Teamwork, Help each other
                  ABOUT US

                        Guangzhou Wanrui Stage Light Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in entertainment lighting. It is a well-known enterprise with complete independent development ability and production capacity. It has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification CE certification, and has become a number of foreign A well-known entertainment lighting brand's Chinese partner.

                        We have introduced advanced production equipment and testing instruments, as well as advanced management methods, from the development, production, testing to strict management of after-sales service, to achieve a first-class product quality, service-class. Products have been widely used by domestic and foreign customers, and have won the recognition and praise of customers.

                        The main products are moving head lights, scanning lights, chasing lights, stage lights, consoles, dimmers, LED lights, laser lights, outdoor lights, effects lights, stage effects and other series.